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Bio for Dr. William Forsythe:


Dr. William Forsythe is a multi specialist physician who is a strong patient advocate believing that patient care is a physician’s top priority.

“Dr. Bill”, as known to his friends since junior high, wanted to be a physician from an early age and successfully navigated the necessary pathways to accomplish this. As an osteopathic physician, he believes in a holistic approach to patients seeking his expertise

He does not believe in just treating the symptoms with medication but caring for individual patients and providing the best quality care possible within his means, trainings and life experiences. His education includes a residency in both internal medicine and emergency medicine, board certification in emergency medicine, additional training and certification in wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy and completing a fellowship in advanced aging, functional and regenerative medicine.

He has additional education and special certifications and waivers to provide care in the field of addiction medicine and has been focusing on patients with addiction and physical dependence as well as substance use concerns since 2012.

Dr. Forsythe was helping people with substance use problems through the emergency department before the current opioid epidemic was even identified and has years of experience in this. He was one of the first physicians in the Tri-Cities to be certified in video health and to do telemedicine for remote areas in other states across America, in addition to his home state of Washington.

Dr Forsythe is very caring and compassionate with his patients who will benefit from his years of knowledge and experience.


He will assist with providing additional services as follows: Medication Assistant Treatment (MAT) and Substance Use Disorders (SUD)


What is Medication Assistant Treatment?